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Digitalization helped us in COVID-19 Pandemic to continuously provide Bespoke Services

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Though the arrival of Phase 3 is a welcome reprieve, safe distancing is still required to be followed. CNA Luxury Published a detailed report in which CNA spoke with several famous bespoke designers in apparel, jewellery and footwear to find out how they’re planning to reopen. How in-person appointments will take place? What about taking measurements, which requires some form of body contact? With measures put in place to distance both staff and clients, will the bespoke business, which relies heavily on personal contact, ever be the same again?

While various industries, such as fashion and horology, have been advanced by a digital revolutionin recent years, bespoke businesses have so far managed to preserve their traditional way of operating. Clients appreciate the face-to-face interaction that comes with tailoring a suit, or customising a pair of shoes.

A famous magazine wrote that as the retail market slumps during the pandemic, some made-to-measure Singapore designers are getting a boost from supportive regular clients. But at learge they are also finding new ways to manage the client's expectations.

Thanks to our founders those have intially adopeted digitalization very long ago for bigger benefits of our customers and environment. In Ziya Fashion we have always promoted online appointment booking through our online appointment booking system. Also our digital fabric store given easy access to our customers so they can choose and discuss fabric online easily. Later for design discussion our online Design Catalogue provided quick selection for our customers. They can see several designs online and can coordinate with us on whatsapp for design related issues.

We have developed self measurement guide and sheets for our customers so that they can take their measurement by their own and can send to us their measurements without visiting us. Our online payment system is always user freindly and customers can transfer their payments by any mode from any part of the world.

Initially we adopted this digital workflow to save customers transportation cost and time, parking cost and time and to save environment impact due to vehicle exhausts which is a bigger problem in Singapore. All these savings we have passed to customers so they can enjoy cheaper price. But we never expected that this digitalization will help us so greatly later on. When COVID impacted many in Singapore and specially to bespoke businesses, we still managed to remain in service to serve our customers with little impact.

Now I would like to request you as well to guide us and suggest us if we can adopt further digital practices to satisfy your expectations and came make your life much easier. Please share your ideas and suggestions with me here and I would love to discuss with you.

Thanks to all for reading my posts and have a safe life.

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